Fine dining for all the family

LLCH-JAN14-73, compressedAs Cambridge academic Christel Lane has written in her new book, ‘The Cultivation of Taste’, fine dining is a growing trend amongst those who care about the quality and origin of their food. At Llansantffraed Court, we take great pleasure in ensuring everybody can enjoy a fine dining experience at an affordable price.

Whilst this new foodie generation is largely made up of professionals, we believe fine dining shouldn’t just be restricted to just adults. Food blogger Nikki Vivian recently visited us with her eight-month old daughter Amelie. Our Head Chef, Mike Hendry, prepared a fresh halibut, artichoke and langoustine dish for Nikki, and a perfectly presented smaller portion of the same dish for Amelie.

Family-friendly fine dining is being introduced in an increasing number of restaurants, including The Ivy in London, although the trend of advocating high-end dining as a family experience has proved a contentious issue in the USA. Widening our clientele to include children not only enables kids to be educated about the origins of their food from an early age, but can also help to improve their palette.

We feel providing a range of choice for children is a welcome alternative to the pureed and processed food that can often appear on restaurant menus. Children should enjoy the same meals as adults, and educating them about the variety of flavours available at an early age is important. At Llansantffraed Court, children can take a trip to our walled garden where we grow our own vegetables and herbs. This gives them an opportunity to learn how produce grows and the importance of eating fresh, healthy ingredients.

We aim to create an environment where families can relax and we’re delighted our customers, 9 or 99 years old, can enjoy the variety of high-quality food we have to offer.