Is it any wonder we’re a nation of chocoholics?

LCH_Food_ 093What’s not to love about the creamy rich dark, milk or white stuff?

Chocolate is internationally adored and in celebration of it our Head Chef, Mike Hendry, wanted to share one of his award-winning restaurant favourites with you to recreate at home.

His Chocolate Cremeaux has our guests making all kinds of noises in the dining room! We’d put good money on you struggling to resist the urge to lick your plate.

Chocolate Cremeaux


120 ml of Welsh double cream
240 ml milk
3 x medium free range eggs, they will need to be very fresh
90g caster sugar
180g of good quality dark chocolate (at least 70% ), broken into individual squares


Boil all of the cream with 40g of the caster sugar and allow to cool until just warm
In a separate bowl, whisk the whole eggs and the remaining sugar
Pour the cream and sugar mixture over the eggs, slowly, gently stirring as you do so
Heat the combined ingredients to 85 degrees, add in the broken chocolate until it’s melted
Blend with a whisk or hand blender until completely smooth

Pour into a large rectangular mould that will fit into a suitable place in the freezer. Leave to set over night. Remove from the mould and cut into slices and chunks.

Serve with seasonal berries. At the moment Mike is serving this with a double chocolate hit of Vodka and White Chocolate Sorbet.


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