Giving custard a make over

dessertAs the summer draws to an end, make the most of your garden by creating a fantastic but simple custard dish served with seasonal fruit. Head Chef, Mike Hendry, shares his recipe for potted lemon custard below.

“There’s something so comforting about custard, isn’t there? It reminds us of those more traditional puddings – crumbles and pies bobbing around in a sea of yellowy creamy deliciousness. The stuff Sunday afternoons were made for.

But custard’s had a bit of a renaissance – and a facelift. This recipe is one of my all time ‘summer meets a traditional winter accompaniment’ recipe favourites.

At Llansantffraed we’re blessed with a fruitful walled garden. Every day there are so many delights ripe for the picking. At the moment we’re inundated with the antioxidant powerhouses that are blackberries and blueberries; most certainly the ideal accompaniment to offset this considerably more indulgent creamy lemon custard.”

Potted lemon custard (serves 6)


  •  9 eggs
  • 12 ounces of cream
  • 10 ounces of sugar
  • 4 lemons (for zest and juice)


  •  6 ovenproof ramekin moulds
  • cling film
  • 1x whisk
  • 1x cooking pan
  • 1x ladle


  •  Line ovenproof ramekins with the cling film
  • Mix together sugar and eggs
  • Remove lemon zest and juice the lemons
  • Mix lemon juice and zest with cream
  • Add lemon juice, lemon zest and cream to eggs and sugar mixture and whisk
  • Put mixture into pan on a very low heat for five minutes
  • Once bubbles have risen to the top, use the ladle to skim off the surface of the mixture to ensure a smooth surface
  • Put equal amount of mixture into the six ramekin moulds
  • Place moulds in oven for 10-15 minutes on 120°
  • Check consistency after ten minutes
  • Once ready, the mixture will have a slight wobble
  • Take out and leave to cool in the fridge

Serve with fruits fresh from the garden – blueberries and blackberries are an ideal accompaniment, especially to the tartness of the lemon.